Best Time to Visit Tibet

The sky in Tibet is very pure and blue.


Tibet is a place many people want to visit once in their lifetimes. Before traveling to Tibet, most people would like to know the best time to travel to Tibet. In fact, it’s good to travel to Tibet all year round, because you can go to different areas to enjoy the different scenery in different seasons. In spring, you can go to Nyingchi to see peach flowers. In summer, you can climb Mount Everest. In autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Namjagbrawa; In winter, you can visit the sights of Lhasa and experience the sacred Tibetan Buddhist culture. Due to the influence of the Tibetan plateau climate, the peak tourist season in Tibet is from April to October. The golden tourism months are August and September.

Everyone has a Tibetan dream in mind. With the maturity of tourism in Tibet, more and more people want to explore the pure land of Tibet. Due to Tibet’s special elevation, the weather there is different from other Chinese cities. With high altitude, thin air, strong ultraviolet rays, and a large temperature difference between day and night, visitors will experience the special environment in Tibet. Understanding Tibet’s unique seasonal style can help you choose your favorite tourist spots.


In the spring of Tibet, you can see peach blossoms all over the mountains in Nyingchi, you can see the scene of the early thaw in Namtso or Yamdrok Lake, or you can go to the Northern Tibet Grassland to appreciate the new grass emerging. When March comes, the moist air from the Indian Ocean passes through the long Brahmaputra valley with the monsoon, leaves forests on both sides covered with a layer of gauze and brings vitality to the Tibetan plateau. The rape flower also blooming in the valley, mirroring the blue sky white clouds and red tile white wall of Tibetan houses, is like a colorful watercolor picture scroll. You must not miss the peach blossom in Nyingchi when you travel to Tibet in spring.


For those who have not been to Tibet, summer is probably the best time to travel. Because the climate is suitable, the temperature is suitable, the oxygen is suitable. In summer, the Tibetan sun is a little hot, but the temperature is very comfortable. Standing on Chakpori, this sunshine is also the best lighting effect for photography lovers in Tibet. Walking in the streets of Lhasa, the rain would come suddenly. After the rain, if you are lucky enough, you can see the rainbow. The sacred mountains and holy lakes in Tibet have a special scene in summer.


Autumn in Tibet is very short and fleeting. The rainy season in Tibet comes to an end with the arrival of autumn. Those who do not like rainy season can visit Tibet in autumn. The Tibetan autumn is like a kaleidoscope, with the warmest color, presenting the most unique beauty of the autumn day. If you travel to Tibet in autumn, you must go to Namjagbarwa.


Tibet in winter is a quiet world. In winter, the days start to get cold and dry, and the nights are extremely cold. But in southern and central Tibet, you still have a lot of opportunities to enjoy the warm sunshine during the day. In winter, you can sit quietly in Lhasa and enjoy the warm sunshine. You can also explore the temples in Lhasa.

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