Best Way to Travel to Tibet

With numerous of tourists at home and abroad traveling to Tibet every year, the transportation in Tibet has a great change. At present, you can travel to Tibet by air, rail, and rod. Among those three transportations, traveling to Tibet by train is the best way to explore Tibet.

With the Qinghai-Tibet railway put in service on July 1st, 2006, More and more tourists would like to take a train to Tibet.
Qinghai-Tibet Railway

With the Qinghai-Tibet railway put in service on July 1st, 2006, More and more tourists would like to take a train to Tibet. Because on the way tourists can appreciate the breathtaking scenery.

Traveling to Tibet by Qinghai-Tibet railway has some advantages over traveling by air and road.

Viewing the Breathtaking Scenery

You have an opportunity to view the Qarhan Salt Lake, the Yunzhu Peak and Kekexili nature reserve.
Kekexili Nature Reserve
Qinghai-Tibet railway is the highest railway in the world which is regarded as a man-made wonder in the transportation field. Alongside Qinghai-Tibet Railway dots lots of stunning scenery. You may see the snow-covered mountains, the passes prairie, beautiful wetland, and nature reserve. You have an opportunity to view the Qarhan Salt Lake, the Yunzhu Peak and Kekexili nature reserve. Meanwhile, you can experience the traditional life of Tibet nomads. Radiates from major cities across China, tourists can easily travel to Tibet by Qinghai-Tibet train from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xining, and Xi’an.

Better Acclimation to Plateau

As the average altitude of  4,900 meters, it is common to suffer a high altitude sickness. Therefore it’s better to take some time to acclimation the high altitude. Tough taking a flight to Tibet seems to be a time-saving way, it cost some time to ascent the high altitude. Taking a flight to Tibet is not allowed your body to have a gradual acclimation to high altitude while taking a train to Tibet can reduce the impact of altitude sickness because the train is pressurized, with oxygen supply facility for use. Carrig a train journey to Tibet gives your body a chance to get used to the altitude change.

Otherwise, if you have a tight schedule, taking a flight to Tibet within two hours is absolutely your best choice. If you wanna have a whole view of Tibet, you can also drive to Tibet.

The Train Tickets Prices 

The train tickets to Tibet is very in different seasons. However, during the official holiday, The Qinghai-Tibet train tickets is exceedingly huge, especially in some particular train routes like Beijing—Lhasa, Shanghai—Lhasa, and Xian—Lhasa. Therefore you’d better start your train journey from Xining to Lhasa.  It is more convenient and highly workable during the peak travel season. Meanwhile, Xining is the start destination of the essence and highlight of Qinghai-Tibet train journey.

Destination Time Price
hard sleeper berth soft sleeper berth
Beijing-Lhasa 40 hours US$110 US$175
Shanghai-Lhasa 48 hours US$122 US$193
Chengdu-Lhasa 44 hours US$102 US$162
Xining-Lhasa 22 hours US$76 US$119
Guangzhou-Lhasa 55 hours US$132 US$224

Tibet Travel Tips

1.No matter what transportation you choose, you should book all the tickets in advance due to the popularity of  Tibet travel.

2. Before starting the Tibet journey, you should prepare for the China Visa and Tibet Travel Permit.

3. Choosing a local Tibet travel agency in Lhasa to help you manage your Tibet tour and help you apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

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