How to Carry a Safe Travel to Tibet for Solar Traveler


How to Carry a Safe Travel to Tibet for Solar Traveler


Tibet, the roof of the world is the excellent destination for numerous tourists. However, when come to travel to Tibet, every one may wonder that how to carry a safety Tibet Travel for a solar traveler. Indeed, there are lots of things you need to take into consideration to keep a safe travel to Tibet otherwise if something to go wrong, your trip will be screwed. While some things cannot be avoided, such as delays in transport and the weather, most things can be, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines on staying safe while traveling in Tibet. 

Before Your Tibet Tour

There are somethings important for you to prepare in advance such as book a travel agency, apply for a China Visa and Tibet Travel Permit, bring some clothes and so on. As a dream destination for tourists, every year, there are a large number of tourists flooding into Tibet which make it a little bit difficult to buy all the tickets on time. Here we suggest you book the tickets in advance. Since the complicated political situation in Tibet, every foreign tourist who travels to Tibet should join a Tibet tour including the private tour and group tour. Therefore tourists should book the tour in advance.

When Traveling in Tibet

 Take your money and important belongings with you all the time

It is important to keep your belongings such as passports, visas, permits, money, cameras, cell phones, laptops and other expensive items with you all the time and never leave those things in your hotel room or guest house. Because filing a report for stolen items requires a lot of paperwork and will set back the entire tour by days.  Keep all your valuable items in a secure bag or backpack, and keep it with you at all times.

 Spend Two Days in Lhasa for Acclimation 

Barkhor Street Of Lhasa

Spending two days on acclimatizing to the high altitude of Lhasa is a prerequisite to exploring the higher areas of Tibet.  General speaking, during the two days, you are able to visit the sights and attractions in and around Lhasa. However, it is still best to take it somewhat easy while touring the sights, to ensure that you acclimatize properly. Among your Tibet tour, you should get away with the heavy drinking and smoking to acclimatization at high altitudes. Your body needs time to adjust to the lower oxygen levels of the plateau but alcohol and tobacco can make those adjustments harder to implement.

 Respect the religion, customs and avoid taboos in Tibet

As the old saying goes, do as Romes do when you are in Rome.There are several customs in Tibet that are different from those in other countries. For example, it is inappropriate to sit with one’s feet outstretched and with the soles pointing at another person or a religious artifact. Also, many Buddhist monks do not like to be touched. In some certain monasteries,  you should remove your shoes when you go to the inside.

 Keep Necessary Medicines at the Consult of Your Doctor

Traveling to such a high plateau, it is important to take some necessary medicines since it is not easy to find a hospital in anywhere of Tibet. Before leaving home, consult with your doctor and ensure that you have a more-than-adequate supply of necessary medication to last well beyond your period of travel.

Never Travel Alone at Night or Venture into Unknown Places Without Informing Your Guide

The certain areas of Tibet are high in the mountains, and one can easily get lost if you wander away from the group or your guide. Many people have gotten lost walking and trekking in mountainous regions, and it can be hard to get your bearings in the wilderness, especially if you are not familiar with the terrain. Stay within sight of your guide at all times, especially at night.

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