How to Travel to Tibet from India

There're multiple ways to travel to Tibet from India.

Tibet, being a “Buddhist Holy Land”, which has thousands of history, making a lots of people pilgrim here. India, as a country with numerous Buddhists, Tibet becomes a divine place for Indians to travel to, not only for the common religious faith in Buddhism, but also for the unique and majestic view in Tibet. But at the mention of getting to Tibet , it is becoming a difficult for Indians. Here are some advice to get to Tibet.

Documents Required

If you want to get into Tibet you should prepare your Tibet Travel Permit and China visa. You can only get the Tibet Travel Permit with your China visa and passport with local Tibetan travel agencies. Meanwhile, If your travel to Tibet via Nepal, you need to apply for group visa rather than a China visa.

And if you are Indian pilgrims, the Tibet visa you needed should be confirmed by the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR, and Tibet Military Region, Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps and the Department of Public Security of TAR. There are only two organizations can allow Indian pilgrimage tour in Tibet, one is Foreign Affairs Office of TAR, and another one is Pilgrim Center. Thus, pilgrims would cost more money, and you can choose to contact with travel agencies to avoid this expense.

Multiple ways to Tibet

So how to get to Tibet from India? Here are several ways we offered for you to get to Tibet.

Firstly, you can choose to take flights. Because there is no direct flight from India to China, you can take flights from Delhi to Kathmandu, or other main Chinese cities at first. After arriving in China, it’s very convenient for you to take domestic flights to Tibet, and the flights are available everyday.

Secondly, you can get to Tibet by train. You can get to mainland China by flight at first, then take a train to Tibet. Taking a train to Tibet, you would be attracted by the remarkable scenery along the way. However it will cost much time, if your flight destination is far from Tibet.

Thirdly, you can decide to have a road-tour. So you are going to take flights to Nepal, or other cities of mainland China. After your arrival, you can choose to take bus or drive to Tibet. The city you choose to land in makes the route you go through different. Choosing a scenic route, then you are capable of catching the beauty of Tibet.

No matter what kind of transportation you choose to take, the most important thing you should remember is to book your tickets in advance.

There are many fascinating routes to get to Tibet, and you are able to enjoy your journey very much. And the best time for you to visit Tibet is in October or November. At that time, the weather is mild, and not so harsh as the winter.

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