Tibet Trekking Tours

A group of like-minded people take photos here to commemorate the Tibet hiking trip.

In today’s society, people’s living standards have been improved, so some people have begun to pursue spiritual needs. Of course, there are many ways to pursue spiritual life satisfaction. Some people like to exercise, some people like to read and some people like to travel. In the beginning, people travel to Tibet by train, by plane, to wherever they want to go, and then they start to look at the scenery in a glance. Now, many people say that the meaning of travel is not to go somewhere and enjoy something, but to enjoy the scenery along the way. So, trekking tours rise up. Trekking tours in Tibet are the dream of many trekkers. Trekking tour in Tibet is a great challenge to your physical fitness. But you can really enjoy Tibet attractions and Tibetan culture. Many people come back from trekking in Tibet and their spirits change a lot.

Tibet lies in the southwest of the Tibetan plateau. Tibet is the main part of the Tibetan plateau, which is known as the roof of the world. With an average altitude of over 4000 meters, Tibet is a vast territory and rich in resources. Tibet has rich cultural and historical sites, with more than 200 in Lhasa alone. Tibet has long been regarded as one of the most mysterious lands in the world and a holy place in the hearts of tourists. If you have a trekking tour in Tibet, Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash and Namtso Lake are all good choices. Walking around mountains and lakes has always been a way for Tibetan Buddhists to express their religious piety and cultivate their own virtues. If you can travel to these places by trekking, you can definitely elevate your soul.

Before you prepare for a trekking tour to Tibet, you should make the following preparations:

  1. Trekking routes

There are many different trekking routes in Tibet. Different routes have different challenges. You can choose a suitable trekking route according to your own needs.

  1. The visas and different permits in Tibet

These things are very important and necessary.

  1. A bigger backpack

Some parts of Tibet are very cold, and you may have to go through extremely cold areas during your trekking tour. If you have a bigger backpack, you can pack your simple daily necessities and spare clothes and pants. If you’re going by trekking in Tibet during the rainy season, don’t forget your raincoat.

  1. Suitable shoes

For trekkers, a suitable shoe is a good start to a trekking tour. The natural environment in many parts of Tibet is extremely harsh, and you will certainly pass through some tough places during your trekking tour. A suitable shoe will help you get through these places.

  1. Medicines

It’s hard to buy medicine if you’re sick during a trekking, so you’ll have to bring some yourself.

  1. Skin-care items

During hiking, you spend most of your time in the wild, and you need to bring some skin-care products to protect your skin.

  1. An oxygen bag

Tibet has a high altitude. To avoid hypoxia on the plateau, you need to take an oxygen bag.

You must try your best to overcome the difficulties and obstacles during the trekking. After a Tibet trekking tour, you’ll meet a new man of yourself.

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